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S&R Analytics provides consultancy in Banking Sector Analytics in banking wherein we help unearth insights that can lead to significant business impacts. We provide support in building models for pattern recognition through machine learning to predict fraud, run trigger based cross sell campaigns, design personalized offers for customers. Key areas in which we provide analytics support are: 1. Campaign Analytics 2. Risk/Fraud Analytics 3. Portfolio Optimization Modelling

HR Analytics

We help you create predictive modeling which can be used by employers to identify high performers. It can also be used to profile candidates who are more likely to accept the offer and help determine interventions to improve outcomes.
We create customized analytics models which helps in identifying employees who are at risk of leaving the company so that their managers can plan for intervention and thus improves retention.

Retail Analytics

We provide customized predictive algorithms which can be used to improve forecasting and thus improve efficiency in supply chain.
We also build models which helps in identifying frauds originating from people posing as customers or staff which may be in the form of stolen card information or fraudulent merchandise return and thus helps preserve customer confidence.
We help analyzing the past and model the future to predict the pricing offered by the competitors

Web Analytics

S&R Analytics helps optimize your web pages to improve conversions/performance.
We calculate the impact of advertising levers on
brand awareness, keyword search, and purchase/sign-up
and suggest the optimal mix.

Social Media Analytics

We help you to mine the social media data to search for prospects and suggest ways to target them.
We deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand the tonality of conversations (positive, negative, neutral). This helps to understand how your brand is being perceived by your target audience.

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